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10 Best Wave Brushes

If you’re looking to get a wave brush, then you’ll absolutely want to check out our reviews of the best wave brushes on the market. A good wave brush can make all the difference in getting the best waves. After all, the more you brush, the faster and deeper your 360 waves will form.

Whether you have coarse hair and need a hard wave brush, a medium wave brush for maximum versatility, or a soft brush to start the wave pattern in your hair, using a high-quality curved wave brush can help you style this cool look.

To help you, we’ve compiled a list of the best wave brushes. From hard to medium and soft, explore these top-rated wave brush products to get the perfect 360 waves.

Best Wave Brush

10 Best Wave Brushes 2023

Torino Pro Wave Brush #350 – Curved Medium Wave Brush

Torino Pro Wave Brush #350 - Curved Medium Wave Brush

Considered the best medium wave brush, the Torino Pro #350 by Brush King is one of the best wave brushes you can get. For starters, Brush King is the top brand in the industry. The company designs and builds a full range of good quality hair products for waves.

Made with 100% boar’s hair bristles, this curved wave brush is great for all stages of waving. From your fresh cut to the wolfing stage, this brush offers true medium texture. The shape of the brush contours to fit the curvature of your head thereby giving you maximum coverage and fast results.

Best when used to get 360 waves, the Torino Pro 350 is also good for coarse hair. The medium-firm bristles will create the wave pattern you need without damaging your hair or scraping the skin on your scalp. Ideal for short to medium-length hair, it’s perfect for all hair types.

Lastly, this Torino Pro Wave Brush comes with a handle for convenience styling and control. Durable and affordable, if you want to get 360 waves, you can’t go wrong with this brush! And if you need the smaller palm version of this exact wave brush, choose the Torino Pro #530 for the same features.

Torino Pro Wave Brush #490 – Curved Medium Soft

Torino Pro Wave Brush #490 – Curved Medium Soft

If you need a brush that’s between medium and soft, then you may want to consider the Torino Pro #490. This medium soft wave brush is very similar to the Torino Pro #350, but is less firm with good pull and perfect for short, fine and thin hair.

Like all Brush King wave products, it comes with 100% natural boar bristles and is curved to fit the natural shape of your head. Great for 360 waves, this brush works well with guys who have sensitive skin on their scalp, very short hair, or want a gentle touch for their first time waving.

Flexible yet effective, this soft brush is an excellent option for training waves or just spreading your hair’s natural oils.

The size also covers a significant portion of your head with each stroke. For a comparable type of wave brush that fits in the palm of your hand, try the Torino Pro #710.

Altogether, the Torino Pro #490 by Brush King is a top brush for waves. Whether you want to get 360 or 180 waves with a fade, this men’s brush can help you style a number of trendy hairstyles.

Torino Pro Wave Brush #450 – Curved Medium Hard

Torino Pro Wave Brush #450 – Curved Medium Hard

The Torino Pro #450 is one of the most popular wave brushes on the market. Given its long bristles made with reinforced boar and nylon, this curved medium hard wave brush penetrates thick, coarse hair to get you 360 waves fast.

Firm with great pull, guys will see waves start to form within days. However, this wave product is not ideal for fresh haircuts, sensitive skin, or long hair. If you’re a new waver or are just starting to train your hair to create a pattern, we recommend starting with a softer brush. Once you start wolfing, consider this pick.

Otherwise, like all Brush King products, this curved brush offers good grip and excellent coverage with each stroke for very efficient brushing. Plus, the ergonomic design and handle make it easy to use with minimal effort.

Built to last with high-quality materials, the Torino Pro Wave Brush #450 is the right choice for the experienced waver needing a medium hard bristle brush. For men who are wolfing for over 4 weeks and need a hard brush for 360 waves, look at the Torino Pro #1.

Kingston Grooming Natural Boar Hair Bristle Brush

Kingston Grooming Natural Boar Hair Bristle Brush

Kingston Grooming is a top-rated men’s brand known for their high-quality beard and hair brushes. This natural boar hair bristle brush fits in the palm of your hand for comfortable handling and maximum control.

This professional-grade wave brush features quality materials made to last. The handle is designed out of clean beech wood and is curved to the shape of your scalp to make brushing simple and efficient.

As a medium soft wave brush, you can expect a balance of gentle and firm. The bristles gently massage your hair and scalp but offer enough strength to guide and style your waves.

Best for short thin or fine hair and fresh low cuts, guys can use this brush to start their waves and then gradually move to medium or medium hard brushes.

With a travel case for storage, the Kingston Grooming Brush is a versatile hair brush for men worth having in your arsenal of styling tools.

Torino Pro Wave Brush #1000 – Medium Hard Oval Palm 360 Waves Brush

Torino Pro Wave Brush #1000 - Medium Hard Oval Palm 360 Waves Brush

Using the best hard wave brush is important to getting your waves to form nicely, especially if you have coarse hair. The Torino Pro #1000 is a premium palm wave brush made of reinforced boar hair bristle for minimum shedding.

As the ideal brush for wolfing, the curved handle and bristles allow for deep penetration, even with thick long hair. This can be particularly helpful if you want to get deep 360 waves and need some serious pull.

The small oval shape also ensures it fits comfortably in your hand as you brush daily. Furthermore, the size makes it the perfect travel brush since it can fit in any pocket, making it convenient for brushing throughout the day.

For a hard brush that won’t disappoint, try the Torino Pro Wave Brush #1000 by Brush King.

Wolfin Pro Curved 360 Wave Brush

Wolfin Pro Curved 360 Wave Brush

The Wolfin Pro 360 Wave Brush was made for medium hair. As one of the most reputable brands around, Wolfin Pro stands behind their product with a 100% money back guarantee.

Designed to fit in your hand and curved to boost contact with your hair and head, this 360 wave brush gets results quickly. Not too hard or soft, the natural boar hair bristles offer just the right amount of stiffness, flexibility, and styling power.

In fact, the bristles are rounded off to prevent damaging your hair or scalp, which can be extremely beneficial for guys who have sensitive skin. The sturdy base is built with Schima Superba Wood, allowing you to feel the quality in the palm of your hands.

For deep waves, the Wolfin Pro Wave Brush is definitely worth adding to your collection.

Wav Enforcer Spin Wave Brush

Wav Enforcer Spin Wave Brush

Cheap brushes can damage your hair and make your head bleed, but the Wave Enforcer Spin Wave Brush is super affordable and highly-rated. As the best cheap wave brush on our list, the natural wood handle and 100% pure boar bristles provide a premium build at an affordable price.

This curved medium brush product is useful in adding waves to short, coarse hair with low to medium cuts or keeping your current wave pattern.

The brush head is large thereby minimizing brushing time by gripping and pulling more hair with each pass. This also makes it proficient in stimulating the scalp and distributing your hair’s natural oils all over.

Great for all stages except heavy wolfing, the Wave Enforcer Brush combines functionality and durability for a low price.

Choose A Good Curved Hair Brush For Waves

The best waves are achieved with quality hair brushes. If you’re committed to getting 360 waves, then it’s time to invest in the best curved brush. Whether you need a soft, medium or hard wave brush, these top men’s brush products will take your waves haircut to the next level.