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15 Best Sea Salt Sprays For Men

When it comes to getting textured hair, sea salt spray is a must-have styling product for men. The best sea salt sprays are made with quality ingredients and work to rejuvenate men’s hair, enhance volume, add texture, boost fullness, and provide a healthy look. If you’re struggling to get cool beachy waves or just want a textured look with more natural body, a good salt water spray for men’s hair can make all the difference.

Whether you have curly, straight, fine, thick, short or long hair, there are several texturizing sprays to consider. Some men just need a salt spray that will define and style curls, while others may want a styling product to create a thicker look. With so many different options on the market, it can be a challenge choosing the right sea salt hair spray.

To help you find the right hair products, we’ve compiled a list of the best sea salt sprays for men. From curly to long hair, these top-rated texturizing sprays will help you create the perfect beach hair look.

Best Sea Salt Spray For Men

15 Best Sea Salt Sprays For Men 2023

Brickell Men’s Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

Brickell Men's Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

Brickell makes a very high-quality sea salt spray that boosts volume and adds texture. With a light hold and matte textured finish for a natural shine, this styling product will enhance your curls and waves to achieve the perfect beach hair look.

Made with all natural organic ingredients, this hair spray is made of sea salt, vitamin E, hydrolyzed proteins, honeysuckle flower extract, green tea extract, and argan oil. These ingredients work together to nourish, strengthen, and moisturize your hair and scalp. Great for all hair types, this sea salt spray will give you a soft, smooth and flowing hairstyle without any shine or frizz.

Without harmful ingredients like parabens, alcohol, sulfates, synthetic dyes, and phthalates, this hair product won’t dry out your scalp or damage your hair, making it ideal for guys with sensitive skin. Finally, the scent is light and clean, so while it smells good at first, it eventually dissipates and becomes fragrance-free.

For sexy naturally wavy or curly hair, this is the best sea salt spray for guys who want cool beach hair. As one of the most reputable men’s grooming brands around, you can’t go wrong with this bottle from Brickell.

BYRD Texturizing Surf Sea Salt Spray

BYRD Texturizing Surf Sea Salt Spray

You probably don’t think of coconut water as a key feature of one of the most popular sea salt sprays, but there’s a lot to be said for the shine it gives your hair. Alongside sea salt, it feels as if you really have been to the Caribbean rather than merely styling your hair at home.

Made in California and evolving from the surf culture of the 1960’s, this product is all-natural and contains vitamin B5 and quinoa proteins. Byrd’s texturizing surf spray will add volume and thickness to your hair while protecting it from potentially-damaging UV rays.

With no stiff or crunchy finish, this light sea salt spray delivers excellent movement and flow to make your hair manageable and easy to style.

Beauty By Earth Sea Salt Spray

Beauty By Earth Sea Salt Spray For Hair

This is a light spray which packs a serious punch. Beauty By Earth’s Sea Salt Spray For Hair contains aloe vera, algae, green tea and raspberry to nourish and revitalize your hair.

If you’re looking for that windswept look, and want to give more body and thickness to fine hair, it could be the spray for you. Given the full, textured finish it offers, Beauty By Earth is the best sea salt spray for fine hair.

KICK Sea Salt Spray

KICK Sea Salt Spray

No matter the thickness of your hair, KICK Sea Salt Spray is there to breathe some life into it. Its key selling point is that it gives you perfect hair quickly, getting rid of the frizz and giving you wavy, textured locks all day.

Natural and rich with nutrients, it uses antioxidants to protect your hair from UV rays and color fading. It’s free from chemicals, alcohol, and sulfates, for a close-to-earth invigorating experience.

OGX Moroccan Sea Salt Spray

OGX Moroccan Sea Salt Spray

Affordable and effective, OGX Moroccan Sea Salt Spray is backed by a reputable brand and a solid formula. Sea salt infused with sea kelp and Moroccan argan oil, this is a leave-in mist that gives your hair textured waves. Argan oil contains vitamin E and antioxidants that leave your hair feeling soft, shiny, and beach-ready.

For best results, once it’s applied to either dry or damp hair, scrunch it around and then use a hairdryer or diffuser to give your hair more volume. If you’re looking for more texture, consider using it on dry hair. Nevertheless, this is a perfectly good spray that is more about styling your hair than hydrating or nourishing it.

Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray

Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray

There’s a certain legacy associated with the Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray. It conjures up connotations of windswept hair at the beach while giving you the freedom to style your hair how you like.

It gives your hair a considerable amount of hold with a sleek matte finish and retains moisture due to the seaweed extract that it contains. You can simply use it on its own if you prefer or as a primer, to be used alongside another hair product.

Davines This Is A Sea Salt Spray

Davines This Is A Sea Salt Spray

This is unquestionably a sea salt spray, and it’s one of the best – working for all hair types. Davines This Is A Sea Salt Spray will get you that awesome messy beach hairstyle with full body and a clean matte finish.

If you’re on the lookout for a more natural product, this might fit the bill as it contains no harsh chemicals, parabens or added colorants. With a number of natural ingredients, it moisturizes your hair and gives a firm but not extreme hold with a matte finish. It has no strong fragrance either so it gives off a minimalist, understated vibe.

John Frieda Beach Blonde Sea Waves Salt Spray

John Frieda Beach Blonde Sea Waves Salt Spray

The John Frieda Beach Blonde Sea Waves Salt Spray is resolutely popular for many great reasons. It’s a strong product overall that leaves even the finest hair with that beach-swept texture and smooth feel, and can be used on both damp and dry hair depending on your personal preference.

It definitely gives the impression that you’ve spent the day at the beach, with tousled hair and plenty of volume. Yes, the “Beach Blonde” part of the name might make it sound as if it’s not really for darker hair, but that’s not the case. Regardless of hair color, it works effectively to give your hair the finish you crave.

Sun Bum Sea Salt Spray

Sun Bum Sea Salt Spray

Feel closer to the ocean with the Sun Bum Sea Salt Spray. Containing vegan ingredients, the likes of sea kelp and seaweed make appearances alongside the usual sea salt.

Providing a matte finish, it ensures that each of your hair strands is separate and gives your hair more body and texture. No matter the texture, color or type of your hair, this is a product that will give it a lot more volume with a solid hold, and prevent frizz too.

Pete & Pedro Natural Sea Salt Spray

Pete & Pedro Natural Sea Salt Spray For Men

This is a light and sleek spray that gives your hair volume and texture with a slight hold that won’t be too firm on your locks. It contains sea kelp, keeping your hair fresh and hydrated so it’s simple to manage and healthy in addition.

If you frequently change up your style, you’re in luck as the Pete & Pedro Natural Sea Salt Spray For Men works just as well on longer styles as it does shorter and medium hair. It’s free from parabens or artificial chemicals, and works well in complementing other styling products.

Blind Barber 40 Proof Sea Salt Spray

Blind Barber 40 Proof Sea Salt Spray

For the best texture, it’s not easy to look past the Blind Barber 40 Proof Sea Salt Spray. Only a few sprays are needed to give your locks the extra volume and texture necessary to create nice beach waves in your hair. Plus, it’s made with natural ingredients so there are no parabens, sulfates, or artificial dyes in this product.

To style men’s hair with this salt spray, just use it on wet or dry hair and shape your hairstyle as normal. It gives a matte finish perfect for an understated, well-groomed look and is infused with hops so you can feel like you’re sipping a refreshing beer as you maintain your hair.

Osensia Sea Salt Spray For Hair

Osensia Sea Salt Spray For Hair

This gives off a “natural-but-cool” look, as if you’d been to the beach but without the sun-caused UV rays. Introduce more body to your hair, and make waves with this Osensia spray, particularly if you’re looking for a product without a strong scent.

The Osensia Sea Salt Spray is pretty versatile, so it’s ready to adapt to all of your needs, whatever they are. Giving your hair texture and volume, every strand will be ready to style exactly how you like. If you want that classic windswept surfer look, a few sprays will sort that as well.

Renpure Coconut Water Sea Salt Spray

Renpure Coconut Water Sea Salt Spray

Here, Renpure have a light and gentle spray based on coconut water that can be used in all temperatures and on even the curliest hair. It gets into action quickly and it’s so weightless that you’ll barely notice it, apart from the slight coconut scent.

If you have a sensitive scalp, definitely consider using Renpure Coconut Water Sea Salt Spray. It’s comprised of natural, plant-based ingredients chosen to be gentle on your skin and keep your hair moisturized. To avoid harsh chemicals and get a salt spray for sensitive skin, check out Renpure.

Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturizing Sea Spray

Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturizing Sea Spray

Wild ginger perhaps isn’t the first ingredient that springs to mind when we think about sea salt sprays, but the Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturizing Sea Spray is certainly effective. The firm hold it offers sets it apart from most other sprays out there, but it doesn’t sacrifice the natural look either, maintaining the tousled, textured style you’re looking for.

The Awapuhi extract balances moisture in your hair so that it looks refreshed and healthy, and gives you volume and that firm hold, although you can still move your hair around and style it how you wish.

How To Choose A Sea Salt Spray


Obviously, sea salt spray always contains sea salt. But there can be too much of a good thing, and too much sea salt can make your hair too dry. For this reason, it’s worth checking out the rest of the ingredients.

Natural sprays are preferable so aim to buy one that’s free from parabens and sulfates, instead containing the likes of coconut, aloe vera and green tea.

Best Sea Salt Sprays

Hair Length and Type

For best results, use sea salt spray on medium-length to long hair. While a salt spray can work effectively on short hair, it can’t provide the same deep beach waves possible on longer hair. With regards to your hair type, you should bear in mind the thickness of your hair and whether it’s straight, wavy or curly.

In fact, men with curly hair often use sea salt spray to tighten curls, control frizz, and get that cool bounce only possible with a curly hairstyle. The same applies to guys with wavy hair – use a texturizing spray for a natural look and flow.

Perhaps for fine or thinning hair, a light spray might work better. A matte natural-looking finish on straight fine hair can work to give your hairstyle a thicker, fuller appearance.

Ultimately, you’ll have to judge the best choice for your hair type.

Sea Salt Spray For Men's Hair


You want your hair to keep its shape, but you don’t want it to be too crunchy and firm if you’re using sea salt spray. If you’re looking for a more stiff hold, another product like hairspray or wax would likely be more suitable.

Sea salt sprays allow more movement and flexibility for your hair to help you achieve that windswept, fluid look.


Generally, sea salt sprays are used to add texture, resulting in a matte finish for a natural look. In contrast, styling products like pomade and gel provide your hair a shiny finish for a slick, wet look.

Although some sprays will give your hair a healthy shine, this shouldn’t be the main reason you use a spray. Instead, use your sea salt spray as a texturizing product to get more of a tousled, messy look for a trendy finish.

Best Sea Salt Spray For Men's Hair


Almost every sea salt spray has a scent such as coconut or fruit. Scent shouldn’t be the deciding factor when considering which salt spray product to buy, but it might be worth finding a smell that you like.

Moreover, different sprays will have scents of different strengths, which we commented on when necessary. While most sea salt sprays for men smell good, if you have a sensitive sense of smell or really don’t like specific scents, make sure to research the product thoroughly.

How To Use Sea Salt Spray

Maximizing the effects of your sea salt spray needn’t be difficult. It’s often recommended to use on damp hair beforehand, or you can even shampoo your hair, as long as it’s a moisturizing shampoo for best effects. Don’t soak your hair – just dampen it a little and pat it dry with a shower if needed.

How To Use Sea Salt Spray Men

Before applying the spray, make sure that you shake it well. When you do spray your hair, make sure it’s spread evenly across. About 5 to 10 sprays should be enough to cover your head and get all your hair, although this amount depends on the characteristics of your hair.

Once the spray is applied, or alternatively while you’re drying your hair, use your fingers to style your hair rather than a comb or brush. Twist your hair to get your desired style and a tousled appearance, optimizing the active ingredients in the spray that work to your hair’s benefit.

Men's Sea Salt Spray

Afterwards, it’s important to dry your hair. Ideally, use a hairdryer with a condenser to give yourself more control, but it’s up to you. Make sure that you aren’t blowing hot air too close to your hair, as this might prevent the spray from working.

Try the “cool” setting with your hair dryer a little further away, and ensure that you dry your hair evenly. Some men might prefer to use another hair product in conjunction with the sea salt spray too, or even apply the spray on dry hair – there are a number of possibilities.