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9 Best Pomades + Men’s Hair Products For Thin Hair

Looking for the best pomade, wax, gel, clay and cream for thin hair? Men with fine hair know how hard it can be to style the best men’s hairstyles. But with so many men’s hair products for thin hair, there has to be a good styling product that can hold all day, add volume, provide texture, and smell great.

If your goal is to keep your short, medium or long hair looking stylish, this guide is the ultimate review of the best pomades, waxes, creams, clays and pastes for thin hair. As expected, the top-rated hair products for men with thin hair come from the most popular brands on the market.

From light to strong hold and low shine to matte finish, we’ve compiled a list of the best pomades and men’s hair products for fine hair.

Best Pomade For Thin Hair

9 Best Men’s Hair Products For Thin Hair 2023

Baxter of California Clay Pomade

Baxter of California Clay Pomade

Baxter of California’s Clay Pomade is a premium strong hold, no shine product that offers a number of trendy styling options. Made with natural ingredients like beeswax and kaolin clay that provide lift and texture for men who have fine hair, it’s one of the best pomades on the market.

This pomade for thin hair also offers a matte finish that gives the appearance of additional volume, allowing you to style a variety of textured hairstyles. It’s ideal for natural, messy looks, so if you’re styling a quiff, comb over, brush back, spiky hair, or fringe that requires some volumizing effect, this product is an excellent choice. Though it feels incredibly thick when first removed from the container, it quickly becomes pliable and easy to use.

Further, the pomade has an incredibly good scent. With an earthy smell that is reminiscent of black licorice to many guys, it’s light and dissipates quickly so it isn’t overpowering. You can use a little for a light to medium hold, or you can use more to create styles with height, such as the pompadour.

However, if you only want a pomade with a light hold and soft finish, we highly recommend you try the company’s Cream Pomade. Highly-rated and cheaper, the rich styling cream will thicken your thinning hair for the perfect finish.

Ultimately, Baxter of California Clay Pomade is a great product for all hair types. If you’re looking for a world-class styling tool, invest in a jar and get just about any hairstyle you want.

Layrite Natural Matte Cream

Layrite Natural Matte Cream

The best men’s hair cream for thin hair is one that won’t weigh your style down, and that’s exactly where Layrite Natural Matte Cream excels. In fact, it’s so very light that you won’t even notice it’s there.

It offers only medium hold, but it’s flexible and good for hairstyles that were designed to flow naturally such as the textured comb over, quiff, faux hawk, brush back, messy spikes, and short haircuts like the crew cut and side swept fringe. As a water-based shaping cream, it really works best on short to medium-length fine hair.

Further, the lightweight formula adds body and volume without adding shine, leaving your hair touchable and soft for hours on end. You can use this styling cream in wet hair for a softer look or in dry hair for a firmer, more controlled style. Either way, the product will thicken your hair’s look and feel as well as help you control and minimize frizz.

Layrite’s Natural Matte Cream is best for adding shape, texture and lift, and it’s especially good at separating wavy or curly hair. Plus, the classic Layrite vanilla cream soda scent is amazing but never overwhelming, so it goes well with most men’s colognes. As one of the most popular hair products for men on the market, you simply can’t go wrong with getting Layrite’s Matte Styling Cream.

Suavecito Matte Pomade

Suavecito Matte Pomade

Another important consideration when looking for the best pomade for thin hair is flexibility. After all, not every man styles his hair the same way day after day. Suavecito Matte Pomade is the answer; it was designed to provide just the right amount of texture, volume, and hold to help you achieve both classic and modern hairstyles for men.

It’s shine-free and water-soluble, so it washes out easily, too. It’s 100% residue-free, so you won’t have to worry about flakes at the end of the day as with many other products.

Ingredients such as castor oil, glycerin, earth wax, and dimethicone give this pomade for thin hair its hold and flexibility, and cacao seed butter provides a conditioning effect. Though the scent is heavier than with some other pomades and is reminiscent of a sexy cologne, guys seem to love it. As a leading brand in the industry, Suavecito’s Matte Pomade can make an excellent addition to your styling arsenal.

TIGI Bed Head Hair Wax

TIGI Bed Head Hair Wax

Aside from pomades, there are many men’s products for thin hair that can provide outstanding results, including the right volumizing hair wax. TIGI Bed Head Hair Wax is just one of these, and it’s one of the best styling tools on the market.

It provides ample hold, a matte finish and the ability to add volume to even the finest, thinnest hair. It’s perfect for tousled layers, fringe cuts, or simply texturizing a classic side part.

TIGI Bed Head Hair Wax boasts a very light, pleasing lemongrass scent that will not clash with your favorite body spray or cologne. Its matte, natural finish is ideal for men who have thinner hair, and if you happen to have curls that you want to keep under control – even in wet conditions – this product does a great job of blocking humidity.

As the best men’s hair wax for fine hair, TIGI Bed Head B For Men is absolutely worth getting if you care about styling the hottest hairstyles!

Smooth Viking Styling Clay

Smooth Viking Hair Styling Clay

If you’re searching for the best pomade for thin hair to add some serious volume, clay-based products like Smooth Viking Styling Clay are your solution. This one is perfectly shine-free, provides strong hold that will hold up whether you’re on a date, at the gym, or even out on the field, and adds a great deal of texture that instantly makes your hair look and feel much thicker.

The main ingredient is bentonite clay, which provides the amazing volume. However, Smooth Viking’s Styling Clay also makes use of beeswax, lanolin wax, and various essential oils that condition and leave a soft, subtle, and masculine scent. While the scent fades over time, your hairstyle lasts all day.

Imperial Barber Classic Pomade

Imperial Barber Classic Pomade

There’s a common misconception that a men’s pomade for thinning hair must offer only light to medium hold or else it will weigh the hair down rather than give it volume, but that’s simply not true. Imperial Barber Classic Pomade proves that with its unique, high-quality product.

It offers an incredible strong hold and only low shine in a lightweight, water-based formula perfect for all types of hair. If you’re looking for a styling product that will help you create that pompadour, quiff, side part, crop top, crew cut or slick back hairstyle without weighing it down, this powerful pomade will do the trick.

Imperial Barber Classic Pomade is sulfate and lanolin-free, and its active ingredients include dimethicone, hydrogenated castor oil, and others that make hair manageable without making it look greasy at the same time. Its light watermelon scent is unique and fruity, but while it starts off strong, the smell quickly tones down and dissipates altogether over time.

American Crew Forming Cream

American Crew Forming Cream

American Crew Forming Cream is probably one of the most affordable men’s styling products for thin hair, offering an amazing value for the price. Ingredients include lanolin, mineral oil, glycerin, and others which offer up manageability and volume, but it also includes cactus flower extract and other natural ingredients that will soften and condition your hair.

American Crew Forming Cream is ideal for men with finer hair who prefer a bit of shine but want to avoid the greasy look. This is one of the only products that can achieve it, and this forming cream does a phenomenal job.

It’s ideal for short to medium hairstyles, whether you prefer a fringed look, slicked back hair with a bit of volume, or touchable curls that resist humidity. Some guys say the cologne-like smell is a bit too strong, but most men and women love the scent.