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13 Best Pomades For Men

When it comes to hair products for men, finding the right pomade can be an overwhelming task. The best pomade is made with natural ingredients and offers the perfect hold, texture and scent for your styling needs. If you’re looking for a strong product that will keep your short hair in place all day or just need a light styling option that will boost volume and flow in medium to longer styles, a good pomade can make all the difference.

Whether you want a business professional style or a casually cool look, there are several great men’s pomades to consider. Some men will want a matte pomade with a textured finish for a natural look, while others may prefer a high hold, high shine product for a wet and glossy finish. With so many brands on the market, it can be a challenge choosing the right water-based pomade.

To help you find the right product, we’ve compiled a list of the best pomades for men. From matte to great smelling options, explore these top-rated hair pomades to get a stylish look you’ll love!

Best Pomade For Men

13 Best Pomades For Men 2023

Suavecito Pomade

Suavecito Pomade

As a water-based product, Suavecito makes some of the most popular pomades on the market. The company offers many different hair pomade options that range in hold and shine. While most guys prefer the strong hold pomade with a medium shine, others like the original formula for a moderate hold that offers more styling flexibility. You may want to consider the matte pomade with a medium hold for a textured natural finish.

These styling hair products offer a good hold that is still workable, soft and shiny. The high-quality finish goes on smooth and won’t leave your hair feeling hard or heavy. This top-rated pomade can be used for short, medium and longer hairstyles ranging from thin to thick hair.

When styling, you’ll be able to pull classic, modern or old-school styles. You can apply these pomades to dry hair for less shine or damper hair for a wet, shiny look. Once applied to your hair, the pomade becomes easier to work with and can give your hair some texture.

Many men consider Suavecito to be the best smelling pomade, offering masculine and seductive scent that women love. Light and slightly sweet, the fragrance is similar to cologne or a manly deodorant. While there is a good scent, it dissipates quickly and won’t overwhelm your senses after you’ve applied it.

As one of the most highly-recommended products with quality reviews, Suavecito is a great styling tool to have. Just use this hair product in the morning, spread it through evenly and you’ll maintain your hairstyle all day.

Layrite Pomade

Layrite Pomade

The Layrite Original offers a strong hold and medium shine, which is ideal for short hairstyles and fine, normal or thick hair. With a mild vanilla scent, the versatile Layrite Original pomade is great for styling crew cuts, fades, faux hawks, quiffs, pompadours and side parts.

Overall, this Layrite pomade is an excellent choice for anyone looking for strength and control.

However, if you’re looking for something with a little more strength to style your mohawk, high pompadour fade or spiked hair, Layrite also produces a Super Hold pomade. With the same vanilla scent, the Super Hold can keep your thick curly or wavy hair in place all day, yet still wash out with water.

Baxter of California Clay Pomade

Baxter of California Clay Pomade

By combining beeswax and clay, Baxter of California has created a strong yet pliable matte-finish pomade. Made with all-natural, organic ingredients, this clay pomade offers the ability to style all the best men’s hairstyles of the year. Rich and textured, the product is thick but easy to work with and goes through your hair smoothly.

Whether you want to style a textured French crop, medium-length comb over fade, or a longer hairstyle that needs a natural finish, this hair pomade will leave your hair soft to the touch while tamed and styled. Plus, the beeswax will give your hair a thicker, fuller appearance.

Alternatively, if you want a light hold and natural texture to maximize volume and flow on messy styles, then the brand’s Cream Pomade may be a better option for you. The Cream variation is definitely the best pomade for long hair because all you need is to minimize frizz and manage flyaways.

If you need a no shine, high hold pomade that’s been proven to look good for all hair types, then Baxter of California’s Clay Pomade is your ideal pick.

Uppercut Deluxe Pomade

Uppercut Deluxe Pomade

Uppercut Deluxe Pomade provides a strong hold with a medium to high shine and a great light vanilla scent. This high-hold pomade goes on smooth without stiffness for an even spread that is suitable for a comb over, pompadour, slick back, or side part. The shine looks slick without that greasy look or feel, giving your hair a beautiful, healthy finish. And it’s a great water-soluble pomade so it washes out in the shower effortlessly.

This quality pomade works best with short to medium-length. Use it to style any hairstyle easily without it ever feeling sticky or hard. In fact, your hair will still be able to maintain its nice, soft feel even though the pomade will keep it firmly in place all day.

Most guys note that it’s a wonderful smelling scent with notes of coconut and vanilla for a light fragrance. Lastly, without any harsh chemicals, this water-based pomade won’t cause your skin or scalp to break out.

All around, Uppercut Deluxe Pomade earns its spot on our list of best pomades. For men who need the strongest pomades to tame and style their hair, you’ll love the sweat-resistant Monster Hold.

Imperial Barber Pomade

Imperial Barber Classic Pomade

Imperial Barber offers many different lines of hair pomades, giving you the option of low, medium, strong and super strong holds as well as matte to high shine. When applied to dry hair, Imperial’s formula seems to be the strongest water-based pomade of the brands we’ve reviewed, yet still washes out just as easily.

However, you can always loosen the hold by applying with or adding water as you style or comb your hair. Similar to the other pomades on our list, you can also always add water and restyle your hair anytime during the day.

Depending on which strength and shine level you buy, Imperial’s pomade is great for styling and texturing long or short hairstyles, including pompadours, crew cuts, slick backs, side parts, and messy fringes. In regards to the scent, it has a great clean and fresh smell with a hint of watermelon.

Overall, Imperial Barber’s Classic Pomade is one of the best pomades for men’s hair. Everything about this pomade brand screams high-quality and strength.

American Crew Pomade

American Crew Pomade

American Crew’s pomade offers medium hold and high shine for excellent control and easy styling all day long without any stiffness. This American Crew Pomade smells absolutely great with a high quality scent that is subtle. Finally, as a water-based pomade, it shampoos out easily. Overall, American Crew produces some of the most popular pomades on the market.

Due to the medium hold strength of this product, it works best for guys with short and long hairstyles and thinning to somewhat thick hair. Not highly recommended for men with very thick, curly, or wavy hair unless you prefer a somewhat loose, messy look and a plenty of shine.

For good volume and movement with your comb over or quiff, get the classic best smelling American Crew Pomade. You and your girl will love this product and understand why American Crew has been a massive men’s grooming brand for decades.

Just remember that American Crew does offer a number of other styling products that vary from low to high hold and shine. So if you like the idea of an American Crew styling product but just need a different level of strength or sheen, check out their Forming Cream or Fiber Wax!

Smooth Viking Pomade

Smooth Viking Pomade

As one of the highest-rated pomades around, Smooth Viking Pomade will transform your hair into any sleek, dapper modern hairstyle you want. As a medium-hold, high-shine water-based pomade, it spreads through thin, thick, wavy, curly or straight hair without trouble. Although light and soft to the touch, the hold strength will certainly keep your hair styled and can be an excellent way to control frizzy wavy or curly hair.

Men with dull, coarse and dry hair will also appreciate the gloss this pomade brings. Another noteworthy feature is the nice salon-like, clean barbershop scent. It’s present but not overwhelming, just the way a good pomade smell should be.

Affordable and well-made, we definitely recommend you try Smooth Viking’s Pomade. Effective, affordable and designed by a brand focused on quality, it’s one of the top styling products you’ll find. The same can be said for the company’s Styling Clay and Forming Cream.

Chronos and Creed Organic All-Natural Pomade

Chronos and Creed All Natural Organic Pomade

Chronos and Creed makes the best all-natural pomade for a clean, nourished and healthy look. This organic pomade contains absolutely no chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, GMOs, dyes, or artificial ingredients. Instead, guys get a natural hair pomade that uses coconut oil, shea butter, carnauba wax, and pine essential oil for excellent conditioning and shine. The end result is a high hold pomade with medium shine that will soften and thicken your hair while improving your skin.

Because the main ingredient in this organic hair pomade is wax, it goes on smooth and easy to give you great pliability. The rich product won’t start to hold your hairstyle until you are done styling and leave it in place. The moderate shine also gives your hair a slightly glossy finish without it looking greasy or oily. Lastly, this pomade smells good, with a fresh light pine scent that fades quickly.

For men who want to style anything from spiky hair to a quiff, slick back, comb over, crew cut, or faux hawk, Chronos and Creed has created the best organic pomade for men. If you have sensitive skin or simply want an all-natural hair product, you won’t be disappointed.

Reuzel Fiber Pomade

Reuzel Fiber Pomade

Fiber pomade delivers a high hold, low shine hair styling product that maximizes control and strength along with texture and definition. Reuzel Fiber Pomade is the best fiber pomade for your unique needs. Perfect for short and medium hair that is thin, wavy or thick, you’ll be able to increase volume and flow for a natural finish.

Guys who like running their hands through their hair in the middle of the day will value how clean this product goes on. Styling messy styles, long fringes, modern quiffs, textured spiky hair or side swept hairstyles without any stickiness or greasiness will finally be painless. The water-soluble formula is also quick to wash out with a shower.

Men with fine or thinning hair will also like the fact that the ingredients, namely lanolin wax and beeswax, can help thicken their hair for a fuller look. Plus, the incredible light scent has both mint and vanilla overtones for a unique subtle smell.

If you like American Crew Fiber, then get Reuzel’s Natural Fiber Pomade for a new experience you certainly won’t regret.

Rocky Mountain Barber Pomade

Rocky Mountain Barber Pomade

Rocky Mountain Barber Pomade is a natural hair pomade designed as a classic styling product. With a strong firm hold and high shine, guys can style all the iconic hairstyles, including the slick back, pompadour, side part, and even spiked hair. Furthermore, this high-quality pomade is made with plant and vegetable-derived ingredients like beeswax so guys with sensitive skin or acne won’t break out.

Water-based and produced in small batches to guarantee freshness and quality formulations, it’s easy to rinse out without stripping your hair of its natural oils. Lastly, it has a very light natural scent that won’t overpower your cologne, body wash or spray. In fact, while it’s not a fragrance-free pomade, the smell is so subtle you won’t notice it until you put the tin can up to your nose.

With some of the top reviews on Amazon, it’s obvious why so many guys are using Rocky Mountain Barber Company Pomade.

Reuzel Blue High Shine Pomade

Reuzel Blue High Shine Pomade

Reuzel Blue Pomade is a great traditional pomade that’s affordable and powerful. The brand’s pomade does an excellent job of providing a strong hold with a small amount of product and yet it still comes in a sizable 4 ounce jar. The firm hold is coupled with a high shine, making it ideal for modern and classic hairstyles like the slick back undercut, pompadour, mohawk, and faux hawk.

While it is a strong styling product, it still went on clean like a gel. As a water-based hair pomade, you can style and restyle throughout the day and wash out easily at night. And the scent is light and sweet, but it does stay with you. If you’re sensitive to smells, this may not be the right choice for you, although most guys said it smelled delightful.

Made in Holland, Reuzel’s High Shine Blue Pomade is absolutely worth trying. Alternatively, for the best oil-based pomade, you’ll want to get Reuzel Grease Medium Hold Green Pomade or Reuzel Pomade Grease Heavy Hold. Overall, Reuzel makes some of the best pomades for men.

Pacinos Pomade

Pacinos Pomade

For a strong but flexible hold that can readily mold your hair into all the coolest hairstyles, try Pacinos Pomade. With a moderate shine that balances between shiny and textured, this styling product contains both soft wax and oil to enhance your hair’s natural look. From the comb over fade to the quiff, faux hawk, brush up, side part, or short crop top, this grooming hair pomade can create both definition and smoothness.

Moreover, the natural ingredients moisturize and condition hair. Designed with a water-soluble formula, it easily washes out of hair without leaving behind sticky residue or excessive oils. The smell is light and delicate, and you won’t notice it unless you focus on finding the scent.

Pliable with a high-hold, use Pacinos Hair Grooming Pomade on straight, wavy and curly hair types for control and lasting style. It’s also one of the cheapest pomades around.

How To Choose A Good Pomade

When choosing a good pomade, it’s important to compare pomade vs gel vs wax to determine which is the best styling product for your hairstyle. Generally speaking, hair pomades offer more shine for that slick look, which is why it is ideal for men with slicked back hair, pompadours, side parts, quiffs, and comb overs. However, if you want a more natural, textured finish, we highly recommend you pick a hair wax.

Another benefit is that pomades allow your hair to be restyled throughout the day because they don’t dry out or get stiff like gels. The added moisture also helps avoid flaking for a clean look as well as conditions your hair to keep it healthy. This is why finding a brand or product dedicated to quality, all-natural ingredients is essential to ensuring the health of your hair and scalp.

Best Pomades

Different Types of Pomade: Water vs Oil Based Products

While there are many types of hair products to choose from, it can be a challenge choosing between oil-based and water-based pomades. The difference between oil and water-soluble pomades is that water-based products offer a little less shine, more versatility and a stiffer finish. Oil-based pomade option are essentially grease, meaning they are slick, shiny and can provide a stronger hold.

Oil-based products are notoriously difficult to wash out and can even cause acne if you have sensitive skin on your scalp. Considering the pros and cons of these different types of pomades, we highly recommend buying a water-based pomade and has become the most popular trend in the grooming industry.

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