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10 Best Mustache Trimmers

The mustache continues to be a popular facial hair trend for men who want a masculine look. Whether you prefer a short stubble beard or a well-groomed mustache with a full beard, you can make a mustache look good with some effort and care. If you want to trim and style your mustache the right way, you’ll need high-quality grooming tools for a handsome look.

A mustache trimmer can provide the most accurate trim and comes with attachments required for detailing your facial hair. While there are trimmers made just for mustaches, most guys need an all-around beard and mustache trimmer that comes with a shaver.

To help you find the right machine, we’ve compiled a list of the best mustache trimmers to get right now. From Philips Norelco to Panasonic and Wahl, explore these top-rated trimmer reviews to find a grooming product to help you style your mustache.

Mustache Trimmer

10 Best Mustache Trimmer Reviews 2022

Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000

Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000

With 14 different trimming guards and five specialized attachments, the Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000 is designed to trim men’s hair from head to toe. Its DualCut technology keeps the self-sharpening blades sharp for several years. The machine’s powerful lithium-ion battery delivers up to 5 hours of running time per single charge.

The trimmer guards are reinforced to prevent bending and buckling. They’re individually marked for trimming various lengths of mustache, beard, stubble, head, and body hair. The attachments for this advanced Philips Norelco model include a foil shaver, a precision trimmer for detailing and finishing, a nose and ear trimmer, and an extra-wide blade for touching up your sideburns and necklines.

Guys will find the mustache shaver a useful tool when they want to trim down or shave off their facial hair for a clean look. This complete mustache trimming kit also comes with a precision head you can use when detailing your facial hair.

This top-of-the-line trimmer comes encased in a solid stainless-steel frame that easily rinses clean under running water. Waterproof and engineered for wet and dry use, this model offers maximum performance and convenience for an excellent grooming experience every time.

As the best beard and mustache trimmer on the market, the Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000 is an affordable, high-quality machine that will ensure perfect and precise grooming every day.

Panasonic Cordless Beard Trimmer

Panasonic Cordless Men's Beard Trimmer

The Panasonic Cordless Beard Trimmer has hypoallergenic blades positioned at a 45-degree angle that deliver precise edges to all hair types, including thick, dense hair. The 19 settings are easily dial-adjusted with the flick of your thumb in 0.5mm increments. A special snap-on comb attachment has angled, round combs, which lift flattened hair for effortless cutting.

This Panasonic model has an ergonomic rubberized grip and fits easily in your hand, allowing more control for trimming or shaving at any angle. This waterproof trimmer is completely immersible and can be used cordlessly in the shower. The blades can be rinsed under running water, and a drain on the body is easily opened to remove any accumulated water inside.

This machine has a rechargeable nickel-hybrid-metal battery that holds a charge for up to 50 minutes, and the entire unit fits snugly in an attractive storage-charging stand.

The Panasonic Cordless Beard Trimmer is a great option for men who want to maintain a short, trimmed mustache and want several adjustable length settings.

Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 3000

Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 3000

The Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 3000 is an affordable trimmer for a guy who doesn’t need as many attachments as the Series 7000. The Series 3000 has many of the same advanced features like the DualCut technology with self-sharpening, non-rusting, tempered-steel blades.

This model’s 13 attachments include three non-flexible hair-trimming guards, three beard guards, a stubble guard, a precision trimmer for mustache detailing, nose and ear attachment, and a full-size head for achieving clean, even lines without irritating the skin.

The machine’s high-powered lithium-ion battery stays charged for 60 minutes’ worth of shaving. If you’re in a hurry, the battery can be rapidly charged for a full trim in only 5 minutes. Moreover, these blades don’t need to be oiled and can be rinsed clean under running water.

Top-rated and high-quality, the Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 3000 is built to last with the company offering a full 2-year warranty.

Wahl Stainless Steel Beard Trimmer

Wahl Stainless Steel Beard Trimmer

The Wahl Stainless Steel Beard Trimmer is a sleek mustache and beard trimmer, beautifully designed by the manufacturer that is the number-one brand used by professional barbers and stylists.

This slim, brushed-stainless steel device comes with 4 multi-purpose interchangeable heads and 12 beard guards for lengths ranging from 1/16” to 1”. The T-blade, detail shaver, ear and nose trimmer, and precision detailer offer an array of trimming and touching-up for mustaches, sideburns, goatees, stubble, and all other face and body hair.

The self-sharpening blades are engineered with patented technology for long-lasting performance. This cordless machine is powered by a lithium-ion battery that holds its charge for an impressive 4 hours, and for a quick touch-up, it can charge in 1 minute.

The Wahl is not waterproof and can only be used for dry trimming. Additional accessories include blade oil, cleaning brush, charger, and storage pouch.

The Wahl Stainless Steel Beard and Mustache Trimmer can give any man a professional and precise look at home.

Braun Beard Trimmer BT7240

Braun Beard Trimmer BT7240

Braun is one of the most innovative manufacturers of shavers and trimmers in the world, and the Braun Beard Trimmer BT7240 is another example of Braun’s exceptional engineering. It can be used corded or cordless, and its lithium-ion battery will keep this machine buzzing for 80 minutes.

The Braun’s precision dial has 39 length settings, ranging from .5mm to 10mm, which allows trimming for many lengths of mustache, beard, or stubble. With a range of 11mm to 20mm, the special beard comb can be used to maintain a short thick beard style.

Another bonus feature is this model’s AutoSensing Technology, which automatically adjusts the power to cut through thicker or longer facial hair. This Braun model has self-sharpening blades that are guaranteed to last a lifetime. This model also comes with a trimmer blade, detailer, mini foil shaver, and a Gillette Fusion 5 ProGlide razor for shaving the neck and cheeks.

The trimmer can be washed under running water, and a cleaning brush is provided to help you remove stubborn hairs from the blades.

High-performance and long-lasting, this Braun Beard Trimmer is an effective mustache trimming tool worth investing in.

Remington PG6025

Remington PG6025 Beard Trimmer

The Remington PG6025 is one of the best cheap beard trimmers on the market right now. The all-in-one grooming kit includes a full-size trimmer with 3 guard combs (3mm, 6mm, and 9mm), a detail shaver for cleaning up sharp edges, an attachment to groom your nose and ear hair, and a hair comb that can be adjusted to 8 different lengths.

The Remington’s surgically sharp blades are self-sharpening and will stay sharp for years. This model is cordless and powered by a lithium battery that keeps the unit charged for 70 minutes.

Although the machine’s body isn’t waterproof, all of the attachments can be easily washed under a faucet. This trimmer comes with a textured grip, which affords easy handling and control for all of your grooming needs.

As an alternative to the Philips Norelco, the Remington PG6025 offers a complete grooming kit for men who need a budget trimmer.

ConairMAN Super Stubble Ultimate Flexhead Trimmer

ConairMAN Super Stubble Trimmer

The ConairMan Super Stubble Trimmer is specifically engineered to keep stubble and mustaches at tight lengths between 0.4mm to 5mm. The unique, pivoting flexhead is a suspension-like system that helps the trimmer glide smoothly and evenly over the skin without needing to scrape or re-do rough patches.

While this trimmer doesn’t come with any combs to snap on and off, it is equipped with 15 settings that can be adjusted while trimming. The built-in sensor maintains the previous settings in its memory, so it doesn’t need to be adjusted every time you turn on the machine.

An LED display shows the length setting and percentage of power remaining in the lithium-ion battery, which holds its charge for 60 minutes. This model is completely waterproof so it can be used in the shower and rinsed clean in seconds.

The ConairMAN Super Stubble Trimmer is a bit more expensive than the other trimmers on our list, but if you want to keep your mustache or stubble at the perfect length, this is the machine to buy.

Panasonic Multigroom Beard Trimmer Kit

Panasonic Multigroom Beard Trimmer Kit

The all-in-one Panasonic Multigroom Beard Trimmer Kit uses ultra-sharp stainless steel blades angled at 45 degrees for quick and clean cutting of any hair type. The trimmer blades are hypoallergenic and reduce skin irritation when grooming facial and body hair.

This Panasonic model has a remarkable 39 settings ranging from .5mm to 20mm, allowing you to adjust trimmer lengths for detailing and cutting. With a flicker of the finger, the machine’s precision trimmer pops up for trimming mustaches and sideburns.

Three attachment combs can be used for close trimming, fuller beards, and body hair without any painful pulling. The clipper’s body is lightweight and has a rubberized grip for easy maneuverability around the contours of the jaw, chin, and neck.

This trimmer can be used corded or cordless and is powered by a rechargeable Ni-MH battery that holds its charge for 50 minutes. An LED display indicates how much power is left and when the unit needs to be charged with its included AC adapter.

Like the other Panasonic trimmer on our list, this model is also washable and features a port for draining out water from inside the unit.

For maintaining your facial hair style with ease, the Panasonic Multigroom Beard Trimmer Kit is a top-rated pick you won’t regret.

Remington MB6850 Beard Vacuum Trimmer

Remington MB6850 Beard Vacuum Trimmer

The Remington MB6850 Beard Vacuum Trimmer has a few of the same features as other mustache trimmers, but this machine has a built-in vacuum that’s advertised to suck up 95% of trimmed hair while you’re using it. The high-velocity fan pulls trimmings into a chamber that can be removed in a snap and emptied.

The full-size trimmer has self-sharpening blades, and the snap-on length comb has 11 settings that can be adjusted from 2mm to 18mm. This Remington model can be used corded or cordless and is powered by a lithium-ion battery that will hold its charge for an impressive 90 minutes.

It’s not waterproof, but the blades can be washed in the sink under running water. As one of the best vacuum beard trimmers, the Remington Vacuum Trimmer is worth your serious consideration.

Philips Norelco OneBlade

Philips Norelco OneBlade

The Philips Norelco OneBlade is a new type of grooming tool for almost all facial-hair styles. The cordless OneBlade is a hybrid of an electric foil shaver and a replaceable-blade shaver, and it’s designed for men who want to keep some hair on their faces. The razor’s three stubble guards trim facial hair to 1mm, 3mm, and 5mm in length.

This little machine’s blade moves at a speedy 200 times per second, so it can trim longer hairs without skin irritation, and its head pivots for accessing hard-to-reach places. The rechargeable battery delivers a respectable 45 minutes of shaving time.

The durable blade washes clean and can last up to 4 months (when used twice weekly) before it needs to be replaced.

Philips Norelco offers a 45-day trial period and a full 2-year warranty, which makes this affordable and popular mustache shaver worth buying as a grooming tool.

How To Buy A Good Mustache Trimmer

Versatility and Beard Length

Your facial hair makes a statement about who you are. So whether you wear a tight or full beard or a detailed mustache or a meticulously groomed handlebar, you’ll need a trimmer with options.

Most beard trimmers let you select a range of lengths, anywhere from 0.5mm stubble to longer facial hair around 20mm. You might also want to change your look, and a mustache and beard trimmer that’s versatile will let you get creative and shape your facial hair as you want.

Best Mustache Trimmer Reviews

Quality Sharp Blades

Mustache trimmer blades are forged in different metals, like titanium or stainless steel. Stainless steel blades resist corrosion and are easy to maintain and clean. The best mustache trimmers have self-sharpening blades that ensure a close, smooth trim for years.

Powerful Motor

You’ll need a mustache trimmer that has a powerful motor that will cut through coarse, thick hair of any length. A weak motor will pull and tug at your facial hair and be quite painful as you groom. A robust motor will also glide over your face and prevent skin irritation.

Best Beard and Mustache Trimmer

Long Battery Life and Short Charge Time

Rechargeable mustache trimmers will have either a lithium-ion battery or a nickel-metal-hybrid (NiMH) battery. Lithium-ion is the preferred battery for a mustache trimmer because it holds its charge longer and has a longer lifetime than a NiMH battery.

Most of the mustache trimmers on our list have a short charge time and stay charged for 45 – 90 minutes. However, the Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000 holds its charge for a remarkable 5 hours, and the Wahl Stainless Steel Beard Trimmer isn’t far behind at staying charged for 4 hours.

Corded vs Cordless Use

A cordless mustache trimmer will make your grooming much easier by giving you the convenience and flexibility of shaving wet or dry. Newer cordless models have powerful batteries that keep the machine fully charged for many shaves, so you’re not getting that much more power from a corded trimmer. Also, because you’re detailing at different angles, you don’t want the cord to get in your way.

If you don’t have time to wait for the cordless trimmer to fully charge, most can still be used plugged in while charging. When deciding between a corded and cordless model, we highly recommend you choose a cordless beard trimmer with a quick charge feature that allows you to use the machine while plugged in and charging.

Mustache Shaver

Complete Combs and Attachments

Before you buy a mustache trimmer, consider if you really need all of the combs and attachments for maintaining your mustache and beard. Many trimmers come with accessories for grooming head, facial, and body hair. Also, some mustache trimmers are designed for just keeping stubble at the desired length.

If you style a mustache and long beard, you’ll want to invest a trimmer that has the power to cut through longer beards. Furthermore, guys with long beard styles will want a complete set of attachments and combs to ensure they can trim the right length.

Waterproof Design

Most of the mustache trimmers we recommend are 100% waterproof, and this type will suit men who prefer to groom in the shower. But if you like shaving over the sink instead, a waterproof machine is ideal since it will be much easier to clean by simply running the blades under the faucet.

The two waterproof Panasonic models on our list have a special drain for emptying water that may have accumulated inside the trimmer. This added feature ensures your machine will stay clean, hygienic, and in working order.

Mustache Trimming Kit

Materials and Build Quality

Cheap mustache trimmers are sometimes made of low-quality materials like plastic. We recommend looking for a trimmer that has a metal body or comes with a sturdy case. Some trimmers have rubberized grips, and these will help you hold the trimmer more securely. You’ll also find plastic beard combs that are too flexible and result in uneven trimming and shaving, so always choose durable guards that won’t bend.

The top brands on our list are often recommended by professional barbers and stylists, so you really can’t go wrong with these beard and mustache trimmers.