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7 Best Hair Products For Little Boys

Looking for the best hair gel for little boys? Picking the best hair products for toddlers and boys can be tough. Good moms know that a top-rated kids gel, pomade, balm, or cream is essential to styling cute hairstyles for boys, but they also realize they need to find good brands that use the highest-quality ingredients without chemicals.

Furthermore, moms have to match the hold, shine, and scent with the different hair types of their kids. Some little boys have coarse, thick hair and need a strong-hold gel, while others may have curly hair that requires a gentle, light hold for a natural finish.

To help moms style their boy’s haircuts in the mornings, we’ve created a list of the top best hair gels, pomades and products for toddler boys! We made sure to include the finest brands that produce kid-friendly products that are free of parabens, sulfates, artificial fragrances, and other harmful chemicals.

The goal is to have your baby boy looking stylish and adorable with the best hairstyle while simultaneously maintaining his healthy hair and maximizing growth.

Best Hair Products For Boys

7 Best Hair Products For Boys 2023

Little Roseberry Hair Gel For Kids

Little Roseberry Hair Gel For Kids

Little Roseberry is a well-known, reputable brand that makes one of the best hair gels for toddlers. If you need a styling product that’s gentle and safe for kids while delivering great style, Little Roseberry’s hair gel is worth trying.

For starters, this gel offers a light hold for flow and movement that looks natural. It’s easy to apply and style with, and goes on smooth without being greasy. Furthermore, it doesn’t harden, leave your kid’s hair stiff, or flake and leave residue.

In addition to the all-natural, organic ingredients, the formula is paraben, sulfate and fragrance free. Combined with organic aloe vera and witch hazel to nourish hair and promote healthy growth, your little guy will definitely appreciate the quality of this grooming product. Plus, it smells great, as reported by many Amazon reviews.

If you need a lightweight hold for a natural hairstyle, this hair gel is a good option for you and your boy!

Anchors Aweigh Hair Teddy Boy Natural Pomade

Best Pomade For Little Boys - Anchors Aweigh Hair Teddy Boy Natural Pomade

Anchors Aweigh is another great company with the best kids pomade on the market. Water-based, handcrafted, and chemical-free, this natural hair pomade is perfect for styling all the coolest hairstyles your boy wants to try.

Created with a medium to strong hold and mid to high shine, this pomade will keep your boy’s hair slick and in place all day. For this reason, we highly recommend it for little boys with thick hair who want to style slick backs, pompadours, and comb overs. The best part is that, because it is water-based, moms can just apply a little water, restyle throughout the day and wash out easily at night.

Moreover, the Bay Rum and Mint scents combine for a wonderful smell that lasts awhile but isn’t overwhelming. Finally, with no petroleum, parabens, alcohols, or other harsh chemicals, you can expect your hair to continue feeling soft and smooth.

If you’re looking to invest in an exceptional grooming product that will have your toddler looking dapper, Teddy Boy’s pomade won’t disappoint.

Hip Peas Hair Styling Balm For Kids

Best Hair Products For Boys - Hip Peas Hair Styling Balm For Kids

If you’re looking for a safe yet effective styling product for bed head, then look no further than Hip Peas. As a vegan product with no artificial ingredients, fragrances, dyes, parabens, sulfates, or petroleum, moms will be able to tame their boy’s hair without worrying about toxins.

This hair styling balm will help you tame, control and shape hair with ease. You’ll also enjoy being able to minimize frizz and add volume to thin, fine hair. While no company can develop something that will keep your kid from messing up his own hair, this balm will at least survive the ups and downs of an active lifestyle.

Original Sprout Natural Hair Gel

Best Hair Gel For Kids - Original Sprout Natural Hair Gel

Original Sprout has a solid reputation as a good hair care and styling product. Primarily an anti-frizz hair gel with a light to medium hold, this option works well for styles that need textured, natural-looking hair. From a long comb over to a messy bed head top to a long hairstyle, this gel will style your boy’s haircut beautifully.

It also helps that this natural hair gel is hypoallergenic, with no soy, strawberry, gluten, peanut, or dairy ingredients. Babies and young boys with sensitive skin can use this product to moisturize, condition, and soften their hair and scalp.

Shea Moisture Kids Extra-Moisturizer Detangler

Best Hair Products For Boys With Curly Hair - Shea Moisture Kids Extra-Moisturizer Detangler

Shea Moisture is a brand truly known for using only the highest-quality ingredients. As one of the top-rated grooming products for kids, this detangler spray not only hydrates, conditions, and nourishes hair with organic shea butter, coconut oil and hibiscus flower extracts, it helps shape and define hairstyles for a clean finish. Shea Moisture may not have the medium or strong hold of these other products, but if you have a baby boy with curly hair and want his curls defined and bouncy, this is the right pick for you!

Great for little boys with unruly thick, wavy and curly hair, spray it on to remove tangles, eliminate frizz, repair dull strands, and unleash a beautiful, shiny look. Plus, its natural ingredients make it safe for your kid’s hair and scalp. For best results, make sure to apply to towel-dried hair.

If you’re not ready to start styling your toddler’s hair into a structured look and want him to maintain his sweet baby handsomeness and innocence just a bit longer, this product is the perfect fit.

American Crew Forming Cream

Hair Products For Boys - American Crew Forming Cream

American Crew is a well-known grooming brand for boys and men. While not specifically designed or formulated for baby boys, this forming cream can be an excellent styling product for little boys with awesome, cool hairstyles. If your kid is growing up and wants to start styling more mature cuts like a faux hawk, slicked back, comb over fade, or a quiff, then this cream will help him shape and mold his hair into the styles he wants.

With a medium hold for a combination of strength and pliability, and a medium shine for some gloss, American Crew Forming Cream offers a versatile option for most hairstyles and hair types.

Suavecito Pomade

Best Hair Styling Products For Little Boys - Suavecito Pomade

Suavecito Pomade is probably the most popular pomade for men, but can work equally well for little boys and young teens. First, Suavecito is the best water-based pomade, and a number of factors contribute and support to this statement. Just look at the brand’s reviews on Amazon to hear what other customers think.

For one, this hair pomade comes in both medium and strong holds, allowing you to style a variety of simple and complex hairstyles, such as the slick back, side part, pompadour, comb over, faux hawk, or quiff. If you can manage to style it, this pomade will keep it in place and give it a beautiful, natural shine. The moderate shine guarantees a healthy amount of sheen that doesn’t look artificial or fake.

Furthermore, Suavecito’s products are easy to wash out or even restyle throughout the day. The water-based formula ensures your boy doesn’t experience irritation or have trouble rinsing the product out. Finally, one of the biggest selling points is the fact that boys and men absolutely love the scent. In terms of being one of the best smelling pomades, it’s definitely up there.

The bottom line is, if your kid is old enough (say 5+ years old), you don’t feel the need to use a “baby safe” styling product, or your current grooming choice isn’t holding your boy’s hair, you should consider Suavecito pomade.

How To Style Boys Hair

Learning how to style boys hair can be a challenge for moms. Your first instinct is to be super gentle and not use too much product. The problem is, not enough styling product means you won’t get the hold you need. Second, not working the gel, pomade or cream beyond the surface and deep into the hair won’t keep the hairstyle in place all day.

How To Style Boys Hair

Whether you’re trying to gel your little boy’s hair, style bed head, or tame baby hairs without hairspray, here’s a step by step guide to styling the most adorable toddler boy haircuts.

  1. Start with towel-dried hair. If you bathe your kids at night and have to contend with messy bed head, apply some water and dry gently. Most hair products go on best when used on slightly damp hair.
  2. Depending on how short, long or thick your toddler’s hair is, scoop out a nickel-sized amount of your favorite styling product. Rub your hands and fingers together to warm it up and spread it around.
  3. Apply the hair product to his hair. Face your kid, and starting with the front, run your hands and fingers through his hair. Make sure to coat all parts, from root to tip, for maximum control.
  4. Now, start styling the hair. For a neat, clean cut hairstyle, you may want to use a brush or comb. Otherwise, your fingers are better for a textured finish.
  5. Last, you can fix stray hairs or minimize frizz with more product in specific areas. A little hairspray or a blow dryer on low heat can offer extra hold for the final look.

Best Baby Boy Haircuts

Best Baby Boy Haircuts

With so many stylish baby boy haircuts, it can be a challenge picking your favorite. Fortunately, your toddler’s hair is constantly growing, giving you a change to experiment with all the cutest hairstyles. Here are some of the best and most popular ways for moms to cut and style your little boy’s hair!