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10 Best Hair Powders For Men

If you’re looking to add volume and texture, then you need hair powder. Also known as texturizing and mattifying powder, hair powders offer a volumizing effect while making your hair look thicker for a fuller hairstyle. While this product is mostly used by guys with thin hair, some men just want a styling powder that will boost volume and give their hair a natural matte finish.

Easy to use and simple to style with, this thickening product can make all the difference for men’s hair. In fact, it’s so good that barbers use it all the time. If you’re ready for instantly fuller locks, check out the best volumizing powders that will help you achieve all the coolest styles.

Starting with our top pick, Schwarzkopf’s OSiS Dust It Mattifying Powder, these hair powders for men will work to elevate your hair so your hairstyle never looks dull or flat.

Hair Powder

10 Best Hair Powders For Men 2023

OSiS Dust It Mattifying Powder

OSiS Dust It Mattifying Powder

OSiS Dust It Mattifying Powder is one of the top-rated hair powders on the market for men with dull, dry or thin hair. Great for everyday use, this lightweight styling product offers long-lasting hold and a matte finish for a textured look.

The main ingredient is silica, and it works to thicken hair for a fuller hairstyle. Silica is mainly responsible for the extra volume and fullness, but it also has incredible styling properties.

By running a small amount into your palms and through your hair, you’ll have a thicker style that’s gritty, defined and high-volume.

Affordable and high-quality, OSiS Dust It is a popular choice for men and women who need a good volumizing and mattifying hair powder to revitalize their style.

Slick Gorilla Hair Styling Texturizing Powder

Slick Gorilla Hair Styling Texturizing Powder

If you want a product designed for men’s hair, you can’t go wrong with Slick Gorilla’s Hair Styling Powder. With a solid hold and a matte finish, this volumizing and texturizing hair powder will give your hairstyle lift without any residue or build-up.

Made for men with straight, curly, wavy and thick hair, this powder also works well on thin hair. Since the powder is re-workable, you can play around with your hairstyle on-the-go without leaving behind flakes or white dust. Despite its strength, this styling powder feels lightweight and natural.

If you have nice hair and want to take it to the next level, Slick Gorilla Hair Powder has formulated a product you’ll love.

Mister Pompadour Texture Powder

Mister Pompadour Texture Powder

Mister Pompadour’s Texture Powder was created for guys who want to take longer hairstyle and turn it into something special. If you have fine or thin hair, you have probably realized this is a challenging trend to pull off as a pompadour works best with thick strands.

Thankfully, this powder volumizes your hair with its light hold. As a result, your follicles are less dense and will transition into styles you thought unattainable. The selling point of this powder is that it uses all organic ingredients.

Therefore, you never have to worry about overusing it and damaging your hair. Overall, this Mister Pompadour Hair Powder is worth the investment as a styling tool.

SEXYHAIR Big Powder Play Volumizing & Texturizing Powder

SEXYHAIR Big Powder Play Volumizing Texturizing Powder

Sexy Hair’s Big Powder Play is a brilliant addition to your cosmetic bag regardless of your hair length. As a dry volume powder, it adds extra oomph whether your locks are long, short, or somewhere in the middle. Also, it’s styling properties are versatile.

For instance, you can apply the product at the roots for an instant lift or opt to sprinkle through your tresses for more texture. This method allows you to control your style by utilizing separation.

There’s no need for combing as this Sexy Hair powder product is weightless and absorbs into the follicles straight away. If you need to reactivate the powder halfway through the day, you can by tousling your hair.

Floyd’s 99 Texture Powder

Floyd's 99 Texture Powder

Floyd’s 99 is a multipurpose texture powder that does lots more than incorporate volume, definition and thickness into your hair. In addition to providing styling, volumizing and texturizing men’s hair, this powder acts as an anti-inflammatory that hydrates and soothes your hair and scalp. This can be beneficial for men of all hair types, but is ideal for guys with sensitive skin on their heads.

Furthermore, this hair powder is made with sea silk, an ingredient that prevents your hair from appearing limp and lifeless. Moreover, it also stops hair loss by absorbing excess oil from the hair and scalp. Too much oil can cause dandruff to occur, and the small dry flakes can clog up your follicles.

Guys will also love the fact that Floyd’s is created for hair that is color-treated. Adding bleach or highlights is a fantastic way to create an attention-grabbing look that will turn heads for the right reasons.

Plus, it lets you stop cuts from getting boring. Some hair powders cause side-effects in color-treated hair, yet Floyd’s 99 Texture Powder is designed with highlights and bleach in mind.

Alder New York Texture Powder

Alder New York Texture Powder

Alder New York Texture Powder is a hair product with a twist. As well as the big volume boost that it offers men, this powder is crafted with the environment in mind.

Many products are produced without taking a holistic lifestyle into account, yet Alder New York does as it’s fully vegan and certified cruelty-free.

You can do both, although this texture powder is a bit more high maintenance than others on the list. You should ensure you work the formula all the way through your hair by using a comb and your fingers for the ultimate aesthetic.

The London Grooming Company Volumizing Matte Hair Powder

The London Grooming Company Volumizing Matte Hair Powder

The London Grooming Company has manufactured a volumizing matte hair product that is weightless, allowing it to add body to your style instantly. The powder also absorbs excess oil from the hair and scalp to help with dandruff and heavy hair follicles.

Men and women get the best look when they apply this product to dry hair and spread the powder evenly over the hair for added fullness and texture.

BOLDIFY Hair Volumizing Powder

BOLDIFY Hair Volumizing Powder

BOLDIFY’s Hair Volumizing Powder is for when guys need to lift their hair and haven’t got much time to waste. The powder gives the wearer thick, illustrious hair within a matter of seconds thanks to the accurate spray nozzle and the fact it targets the roots.

Guys love that it gives a matte finish with a bouncy appearance, creating a casual and relaxed style. Men with thin hair can use this volumizing product, but so can guys with curls or waves.

This is due to the light and flowing appearance that it gives people with fine hair, meaning it should maximize and highlight your kinks. Versatile and all-around useful for different hair types, lengths and hairstyles, BOLDIFY’s Hair Powder is a high-performance product for both men and women.

Redken Powder Grip 03 Mattifying Hair Powder

Redken Powder Grip 03 Mattifying Hair Powder

Redken’s Powder Grip 03 Mattifying Hair Powder aims to incorporate texture and volume in equal measure. While men with thin hair prefer their hairline to be fuller, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of texture.

By adding emphasis to your style, it takes focus away from the areas that you don’t want to highlight. In this case, Redken’s Powder Grip creates a matte finish effect with a denseness that you don’t normally find in hair products. For a textured hairstyle that looks naturally thicker, you’ll want to start styling your hair with this powder.

American Crew Boost Powder

American Crew Boost Powder

American Crew Boost Powder offers wearers extreme volume, which is great if your hair is thinning. However, where it differs from the rest is in the style department. The powder is so strong that it lifts your hair instantly, preventing it from appearing flat or tired.

For men who prefer an edgy bold hairstyle, this means spikes or a gravity-defying mohawk are accessible. Plus, Boost Powder retains the hair’s natural moisture by keeping oils at bay, making it softer and thicker.

You need to sprinkle a small amount of dust directly into your hair and work it through to the ends for the best results.

What Is Hair Powder?

What Is Hair Powder

Hair powder is a styling product that you apply to your hair to boost volume, texture and thickness. Guys who have thin or thinning hair or flat dull locks will get extra lift and a natural healthy shine for a thicker-looking hairstyle. Hair powder lets you play around with your hairstyle so that it never gets boring or old.

This is because it targets the roots of your follicles to add extra volume and thickness to men’s hair. As a result, hair powders are also known as volumizing and texturizing powder.

Don’t worry if your barber or an expert mentions that you should try one because hair powder products are incredibly popular. Plus, the results might transform your style as these items allow you to obtain trends that your hair would be too slippery to attempt otherwise.

How Does Hair Powder Work?

How Does Hair Powder Work

To eliminate the slippery nature of thin and fine hair, a volume or texturizing powder increases the level of friction between each strand. Once there is something to hold onto, there is less separation between the follicles, causing your hair to appear much fuller.

It’s essential to invest in the products that you know will work. A fantastic tip is to check the ingredients for keratin as it’s a naturally-occurring chemical and works seamlessly with the hair.

How To Use Hair Powder

How To Use Hair Powder For Men

How you use hair powder depends on the product, a guy’s hair type, and the hairstyle you want to achieve. Therefore, the best piece of advice is to read the label and always follow the instructions. However, as a rule, you should either sprinkle the powder onto your hands into your hair or directly into the roots. By doing this, you will see instant results.

Another thing to remember is that you don’t want to use too much. Sprinkling a ton of powder into your hairline will add volume, yet it will also make it appear messy and untidy. Less is more because you can put more in if you haven’t secured the desired effect, yet you can’t remove it.