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5 Best Hair Gels For Kids

We tested the best hair gels for kids from the most popular brands to find the highest-quality styling products. While hold, shine, control and price were important factors, hair gel for toddlers and little boys must be kid-friendly and that means chemical-free.

We found that the top-rated boy’s gels were made with organic, all-natural ingredients and consisted of formulas that were paraben, sulfate, alcohol, and fragrance free. In addition to being safe for babies and toddlers, some of the best-rated styling gels are infused with moisturizers to nourish children’s hair while also avoiding common problems like flaking and irritation.

Little Roseberry’s offered maximum styling ability, premium ingredients and came highly-recommended from parents. For a strong hold gel that will last all day, does not flake and still smells great, Bonsai’s Power Gel is our favorite pick. But if you need a natural product that also offers lice prevention, then get Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel. If you’re little one has sensitive skin on their scalp, SoCozy’s Sensitive Styling Foam is worth the investment.

If you’re looking for stylish and safe products, here are the best hair gels for kids that balance performance and health.

Best Hair Gels For Kids

5 Best Kid’s Hair Gels 2023

Little Roseberry Hair Gel

Little Roseberry Hair Gel For Kids

A top-rated hair gel for kids of all ages, including baby hair and toddlers, Little Roseberry is made with all-natural ingredients, resulting in a solution that is free of parabens, sulfates, artificial fragrances, harsh chemicals, and toxins. As a styling product made in the USA, this gel provides a light hold that will keep your kid’s hair looking natural and textured.

Furthermore, parents and little boys won’t have to deal with dryness, greasiness, or flakiness. In fact, the company made a special effort to incorporate organic aloe vera and witch hazel into their formula, both of which promote healthy hair growth and prevent potential skin irritation on the scalp.

With an easy-to-use bottle and a locking spout to stop spills and messes, Little Roseberry Hair Gel is our favorite product on the market. For tousled hair or styles that need movement and flow, this option is worth the money.

Hip Peas Natural Hair Styling Balm

Hip Peas Natural Hair Styling Balm

Hip Peas is another reputable brand dedicated to developing safe, all-natural styling products for kids. Although not technically a gel, this balm works for all types of hair. And because it is a water-soluble, plant-based formula, it’s vegan and hypoallergenic, making it a great baby hair gel.

Made in the US, this balm comes with a medium hold. Moms can use this hair gel to style spiky, messy hairstyles, as well as a faux hawk and comb over. Parents love this product because it goes on smooth like a pomade, styles a clean look, does not stick, and won’t result in flakes or dried out hair.

Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel Styling Gel

Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel Styling Gel

Fairy Tales has created a clinically-proven styling product that also helps prevent lice. Using a proprietary blend of organic ingredients that include rosemary, citronella, peppermint, tea tree oil, lavender, and geranium oil, this formula will stop your kid from getting head lice at daycare or school. The cool thing is that the company has also infused this gel with other vitamins, minerals and moisturizers such as jojoba, aloe, and chamomile to hydrate, condition and soothe your boy’s hair and skin.

With a light to medium hold and shiny finish, it will style your kid’s hair and keep it spiked or slicked back for hours. Plus, it won’t leave any stickiness or excess grease, resulting in a natural texture. And it smells great for both kids and parents, even ones sensitive to strong scents.

Parents love this product because it is extremely kid-friendly and effective.

Bonsai Kids Hair Care Power Gel

Bonsai Kids Hair Care Power Hair Gel

Bonsai Kids offers a mom-approved styling solution with a strong hold. As a gel that will last all day but still provide the flexibility needed to style a variety of haircuts, the brand’s Power Hair Gel product works nicely on wet and dry hair. Simply towel-dry your kid’s hair after a bath or wet it with water in the mornings, and this alcohol-free formula will let you scrunch, define, spike and slick back all hair types without flakes or residue.

From toddlers to little boys, kids love this hair gel because it holds curly and thick hair, and smells great. If your child needs a strong styling product for his unruly, hard-to-manage strands, this bottle will help.

SoCozy Sensitive Styling Foam

SoCozy Sensitive Styling Foam

Dermatologist-tested and developed for babies and kids with sensitive scalps, SoCozy Styling Foam is a top-rated hair product. The brand’s proprietary blend is hypoallergenic and made without parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde, phthalates, artificial coloring, gluten, wheat or nuts. Instead, the formula acts like an intense moisturizer and conditioner to restore normal sebum production and restore proper pH balance.

If that wasn’t enough, the product ultimately stops dryness and flaking, prevents inflammation and itching, and will make your boy’s hair soft and smooth. Gentle yet powerful, the natural hold is ideal for a cute comb over, tousled top, or naturally curly hairstyle.

Although you won’t be able to style your baby boy’s hair into a mohawk or spiked style, the benefits of a healthy scalp far outweigh any other aesthetic factors.