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9 Best Hair Fibers & Hair Loss Concealers

Hair loss can be cause for embarrassment and frustration, and not everyone can afford a hair transplant. Luckily, hair fibers can help thinning hair look thicker and fuller with more volume. Also known as a hair loss concealer, these hair fiber sprays and powders are easy to use and can cover bald spots all over your head, including your hairline and crown.

There are many hair fiber products on the market, and the top-rated options look natural, work with all types of hairstyles and beards, and won’t affect your hair’s growth. If you’re curious about hair building fibers and hair loss concealers, you’ll appreciate this comprehensive review of products that actually work.

To help you, we’ve compiled a list of the best hair fibers for men!

Best Hair Fibers

9 Best Hair Building Fibers and Hair Loss Concealer Products 2022

Toppik Hair Building Fibers

Toppik Hair Building Fibers

Toppik’s Hair Building Fibers are formulated with the highest grade of keratin, which hair naturally absorbs, giving it a full, glossy appearance. Keratin also has the benefit of clinging to hair, making it resistant to wind, rain, and perspiration. It’s easy to apply by shaking or spraying the product onto dry, styled hair and then patting the hair to disperse the fibers.

Toppik is available in 9 different color-fast shades (meaning they won’t run or rub off) — including white and gray — that can be mixed to match any hair color, and it works for all hair types and textures. Toppik recommends using the hair color swatch on their website to select the shade that closest matches. It can also be used to cover up high hairlines, parts, and gray roots between hair coloring appointments.

Toppik claims that over 93 percent of users believe the hair fibers make them appear younger and more attractive, and to back up their belief in the product, Toppik offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Caboki Hair Loss Concealer

Caboki Hair Loss Concealer

Caboki Hair Loss Concealer doesn’t use animal-derived ingredients, like keratin. Instead, its fibers are extracted from Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum, a type of cotton, that grows only in arid regions. Also, Caboki’s colorants are made from natural minerals, so it’s hypoallergenic and can be used by men and women who have sensitive scalps.

When applied to thinning hair, Caboki clings to hair roots and adjacent scalp surfaces, reducing flashes of scalp shining through. Because it’s made from all-natural products, Caboki looks like the real thing, even in bright sunlight. These hair fibers keep clinging to hair all day long and hold up outdoors in wind and rain and won’t smear or rub off with sweat.

Caboki comes in 14 shades, including 4 types of gray hair. You can decide which color best matches your hair by consulting Caboki’s color swatch on its website.

Caboki is applied by sprinkling the product onto thinning areas of dry and styled hair and then patting the fibers to evenly distribute them. Caboki doesn’t help generate new hair growth, but it will fill in balding patches and receding hairlines to give the appearance of new hair growth.

Caboki Hair Loss Concealer has many very satisfied users, but if the product doesn’t work out for you, it can be returned within 30 days, and the entire purchase price will be refunded.

BOLDIFY Hair Fibers For Thinning Hair

BOLDIFY Hair Fibers For Thinning Hair

BOLDIFY Hair Fibers was developed by professional hair stylists in the entertainment industry, which ensures that the product is undetectable, even in harsh, unforgiving light. BOLDIFY is made from 100-percent cruelty-free cotton microfibers that intertwine with hair and cover up thinning patches.

BOLDIFY’s powdery consistency allows seamless blending for a real-hair finish that lasts well into the night. Its fibers lock tightly onto existing hair and are wind-, water- and sweat-resistant, yet the product washes out easily. BOLDIFY is available in 15 shades, but if you feel that the match isn’t quite right, the company’s representatives will work with you by sending different bottles completely free, until you find the perfect match.

The company is so confident in the product that it has a remarkable lifetime guarantee and will refund the purchase price within 24 hours. BOLDIFY Hair Fibers get very high ratings from users, and its unusually committed customer service is further reason for making this hair loss concealer the one to try.

LUXE Hair Thickening Fibers

LUXE Hair Thickening Fibers

LUXE Hair Thickening Fibers are made from naturally occurring keratin and has been rigorously tested by dermatologists who have certified the product as hypoallergenic and safe for all skin and scalp types. The high-quality keratin fibers are charged with static electricity and integrate with existing hair in thinning or bald areas.

LUXE has superb coverage that can withstand the most inclimate weather conditions and holds up to vigorous exercise and even driving a convertible with the top down. It’s little wonder that LUXE is called “confidence in a jar.” LUXE comes in 9 shades that can be mixed to precisely match any hair color.

These hair fibers are quick and easy to apply and won’t stain skin or clothing even when wet. If you’re using hair-growth products, like Rogaine, LUXE Hair Thickening Fibers can be used in conjunction with them and won’t inhibit their action.

CUVVA Hair Building Fibers

CUVVA Hair Building Fibers

CUVVA Hair Building Fibers was created for busy people in mind. If you have limited time for grooming, CUVVA can give you the appearance of a full head of hair in the few seconds it takes to apply the product. Similar to most other hair-thickeners, CUVVA’s fibers are derived from keratin, which can fill in thinning hair, widening parts, and cover gray roots that pop up between hair colorings.

When applied to dry, styled hair that’s at least 1.5 inches in length, it will hold fast and be virtually unnoticeable, even close up. Unfortunately, CUVVA isn’t recommended for men with severe hair loss or bald spots.

CUVVA is a heavier product that can fall off, so to ensure that it will hold all day, a finishing hair spray should also be applied. Many satisfied users are black men and women who testify that CUVVA is especially effective on coarse hair.

These hair fibers come in only 4 shades and none are for gray, white, or salt-and-pepper hair. Although Cuvva Hair Fibers are limited in colors, the company does offer a 100-percent money-back guarantee.

FEBRON Hair Fibers

FEBRON Hair Fibers

FEBRON Hair Fibers was designed by hair stylists to be totally inconspicuous under ultra-bright stage lights and camera close-ups. Like Caboki Hair Loss Concealer, FEBRON has two ingredients: Gossypium herbaceum fiber (Levant cotton) and natural mineral colorants. It’s also hypoallergenic and cruelty-free and can be used to cover up male pattern baldness and alopecia areata, a common autoimmune skin disease that can cause hair loss.

FEBRON’s lightweight formula prevents clumping and is one of the few hair fibers that can be brushed through or finger-combed after application. It comes in 11 shades, including gray and silver, and if you can’t find an exact match for your hair color on FEBRON’s Amazon page, their website has other shades with more subtle differences.

FEBRON works well on all hair types and textures, but hair length needs to be no shorter than 1/2 inch. It’s wind-, rain-, and perspiration-resistant and can last for days without rubbing off onto clothes or bed sheets. Although the company doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee, Febron Hair Fibers has a more natural look than other hair loss concealers and is still worth trying.

Strand Maximizer Hair Fibers

Strand Maximizer Hair Fibers

Strand Maximizer Hair Fibers works not only on thinning hair, but it also can fill in a patchy beard. Like other hair fibers, Strand relies on keratin for binding to hair with static electricity. The keratin powder intertwines with existing hair follicles to create a full and thick appearance. It instantly fills in thinning areas and adds volume to your hair.

Strand Maximizer is recommended for men who are taking hair-growth medication, like Propecia or Rogaine, because it won’t interfere with the regrowth process. This hair fiber product should be applied to clean, dry hair before using other hair grooming products and, and for best results, after blow-drying your hair.

This hair fiber’s 10 shades will cover up graying roots and widening parts, but it’s also one of the few hair fibers that can also be applied to the temples without looking unnatural or powdery. Strand Maximizer Hair Fibers come in two reasonably priced sizes — 12 grams and 23 grams — and since you only need to apply a little bit, both should last a while.

Eclipse Hair Building Fibers And Beard Filler

Eclipse Hair Building Fibers And Beard Filler

Eclipse Hair Building Fibers are also for men on the go who need to fill in thinning hair and bald spots in 30 seconds or less. Eclipse uses rayon fibers to ensure this product is resistant to rain and wind and can last for as long as a week. It’s applied in the same way as other hair fillers, but you can also use a pump applicator for precisely filling in roots, widening parts, and newly grown beards that still have patchy spots.

These hair fibers work on all hair types and textures, and black men with short coarse hair are particularly pleased with its effectiveness on black hair. Eclipse comes in four sizes, but its 10 shades are only available in the 5-gram trial size and the 15-gram size.

However, if you have a dark hair color, then the 30-gram and 60-gram sizes of Eclipse Hair Building Fibers will be an economical best bet.

Samson Hair Fibers

Samson Hair Fibers

Unlike other hair fibers, Samson Hair Fibers are not made from keratin, which for some people, can cause an itchy scalp. Samson also claims that animal keratin is not sanitary and doesn’t give the same natural results as plant fibers. The company further states that surgeons recommend Samson for their hair-transplant patients.

The Samson fibers are dyed before being cut, so the color won’t run when the fibers get wet from rain or perspiration. Once dyed, the fibers are precision cut in different lengths that are 70 to 150 times thinner than human hair and finally electro-statically charged so that they cling to existing hair. Like all hair concealers, the Samson fibers need some hair to be effective, so they’re not recommended for covering up bald spots.

The application of the Samson fibers are a little different from competitors. The company advises rubbing a few drops of argan oil to the scalp first, which helps the fibers stick and prevents waste. A small amount should then be sprinkled over the thinning areas and gently distributed with a soft brush.

Samson Hair Fibers come in 11 shades in 25-gram bottles, which can then be refilled from various size containers.

How To Choose Good Hair Fibers For Thinning Hair

Do The Fibers Match Your Hair Color?

If you decide to use hair fibers, you’ll want them to look as natural as possible to create the appearance of a full head of hair. All of the hair loss concealers we’ve reviewed come in many colors and shades.

BOLDIFY offers 15 shades, which we found to be more natural-looking than others. Also, BOLDIFY’s team of experts can be consulted for matching your color precisely and won’t quit until you’re completely satisfied.

Best Hair Fibers For Thinning Hair

The Materials Used To Make The Hair Building Fibers

Some hair loss concealers are made with real human hair, which will give the most natural-looking results. But the majority of hair building fibers on the market are composed of either keratin or cotton.


Most keratin is a protein that’s manufactured from ground-up hooves, horns, and wool of sheep. Keratin hair fibers cling to hair and are resistant to rain, wind, and perspiration. Because keratin is derived from wool, it can sometimes cause an allergic reaction on the scalp.


Levant cotton, labeled as Gossypium herbaceum, is hypoallergenic and ideal for sensitive scalps. If animal rights are important to you, it can also be cruelty-free, but you do need to check the label to be sure. Cotton doesn’t hold on to hair as well as keratin, so in its processing, it is electrically charged so the hair fibers cling to natural hair by static.

Easy To Use With Your Hairstyle And Type

The best hair building fibers can be used on any hairstyle and type of hair, whether it’s curly, straight, wavy, or coarse. However, some hair fibers need your hair to be a certain length to be most effective. But, generally, as long as your hair is a half-inch long, the hair building fibers will work.

Resistance Factors

Almost all hair building fibers claim to be water, wind, and sweat-proof. But you do need to be sure if that’s the case if you happen to be driving around in a convertible. Keratin hair fibers will hold more securely and are resistant to inclimate weather conditions and vigorous physical activity.

Gentle on Skin

The cotton-based hair fibers will be the most gentle to sensitive skin. But one of the keratin-based fibers that we reviewed, LUXE Hair Thickening Fibers, has been rigorously tested by dermatologists, who have certified that it’s safe for all skin types.

What Is Hair Loss Concealer?

Hair loss concealer is a product that’s made to cover thinning hair. It comes in liquid and powder forms, but the most natural-looking will be hair fibers that are made from either keratin or cotton. The fibers will add the appearance of thicker hair for male pattern baldness, receding hairlines, graying roots, and patchy beards.

What Is Hair Loss Concealer

How To Use Hair Fibers

While applying a hair loss concealer depends on the product type and composition, here’s a step-by-step guide on using hair fibers to cover up hair loss when styling.

1. Start with Dry Hair

Before applying hair fibers, you need to begin with freshly washed, dry hair. Style it with a blow dryer or other hair styling tool and then add the concealer. Don’t add any gels, creams, or paste until after you’ve worked the concealer through.

2. Apply Hair Fibers To Existing Hair

Hair fibers rely on a static charge to hold on to, so they need to be applied to areas that have thinning hair and not on bald spots. Hair fibers do not promote hair growth, but they do make your hair appear fuller and thicker.

3. Choose The Right Color

The hair fibers we reviewed have at least 9 different colors, ranging from light blonde to black to gray. Manufacturers recommend starting with a shade that is the same as your hair color or darker, which will make it easier to blend. A lighter color will look powdery and unnatural.

You can also mix two shades to achieve the perfect match. Caboki Hair Loss Concealer’s 14 shades have the most subtlety, including 4 shades for gray hair.

4. Applying Hair Fibers To Thinning Hairlines And Temples

Men often lose hair around the hairlines and temples. Hair fibers should be applied to hair just above the hairline, so they have something to grip onto, and then using your fingers, gently blend them with short upward strokes.

Temples are a bit trickier to conceal. Again, apply the hair fibers to the temples behind the hairline, and use a couple of fingers to blend it. Only use a small amount of product because any excess will look powdery.

5. Applying Hair Fibers To A Thinning Crown

The crown is the most common area where men lose hair. You’ll need a hand mirror to be able to see what you’re doing. Sprinkle the hair fibers on the crown area you wish to conceal. You won’t need much, but attempt to sprinkle it evenly. Using your fingers, gently pat the hair fibers to distribute them.

It’s not recommended that you comb the hair fibers, but a soft brush can be used to disperse the hair fibers over your crown.

How To Use Hair Fibers

Hair Loss Sprays vs Powders

The most common form of liquid hair loss concealer is a spray, which contains dyes to match your hair color and chemicals that serve as fixatives. Unfortunately, the sprays look less natural and are best for small touch-ups.

Some hair fibers have a spray attachment that can be purchased separately. The attachment is used for applying hair fibers to hairlines, parts, gray roots, and patchy beards.

Hair loss concealer powders come in two forms. A brush-on powder, similar to a makeup finishing powder, is for touching up small areas, like gray roots in between colorings.

Hair fibers are also considered a dry powder and have keratin or cotton fibers electrically charged to cling to existing hair. The result is a thicker and voluminous appearance.