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Best Barber Shops

Where are the best barber shops near me? If you want to get the best haircuts for men, you need to get your hair cut at a barbershop. In fact, there are plenty of reasons to go to a traditional barber shop.

For starters, the best barbers work at barbershops, and several of the most skilled and talented barbers around you will actually own the local shops in your area. And if you’ve ever had a bad haircut at a salon or chain, you can appreciate the fact that a good male barber understands how to cut men’s hair and style a trendy hairstyle.

It’s also important to note that men’s haircuts generally cost less at barbershops. Haircut places that cater to all audiences with salon stylists are usually franchises that kick up fees to large corporations and therefore need to charge higher prices.

Ultimately, guys can get their haircuts any place they want, but most men agree that the barbershop experience is ideal. Here are all the reasons you should go to the best barber shop near you.


Best Barber Shops Near You

Find the best barbers and barbershops around you with this map! Enter your city, zip code, or address to get a list of the top locations nearby!

Why You Should Get A Haircut At A Barbershop

One stark difference between a barbershop and salon is that salons employ cosmetologists and not trained barbers. As cosmetologists, stylists explicitly use scissors. Hairdressers also become experts in coloring, perming, styling and other services guys won’t need.

On the other hand, a barber must attend barbering school, where he is trained to cut hair with clippers, the main hair cutting tool for men. If you want a great modern haircut, you’ll naturally ask your barber for a taper, fade or undercut on the sides and back, and he’ll know how to fade hair with clippers.

Barbershops - The Best Places To Get A Haircut

Similarly, barbers can look at guys with different hair types and face shapes, and recommend good hairstyles. Although most guys tell their barber what haircut they want, we should give them credit for their knowledge and expertise.

Best Barbers

A Male Barber Knows How To Cut Men’s Hair

Barber shops generally employ male barbers. And guy barbers know how to cut men’s hair.

For one, a male barber intuitively understands what it takes to cut and style a cool haircut for men. Working with guy hair is inherently different than women’s hair, so having a barber who can relate to your needs can be helpful. And just the opposite is true – men have no idea about the care and grooming women go through just to maintain their hair and look good.

Barber Shop Haircuts

Moreover, the best male barbers pay attention to hair trends. Barbers see the latest new hairstyles because it’s literally their business to keep their look fresh and on point. Whether you want a short, medium or long hairstyle, just ask your barber for haircut ideas.

Best Men's Barbershops

Just to note, there are some great female barbers. In reality, if you see a woman barber in a classic barbershop, she probably had to prove herself more than any other barber there, so give her the respect she deserves.

The Barbershop Experience

Most guys probably don’t enjoy going to a salon to get a haircut. These places just don’t offer the same feel, smell, and experience as a barbershop. You sit in the chair and stay awkwardly silent, or try to make conversation only to have the hairstylist be more interested in chatting with the other stylists.

Best Barber Shops Near Me

Barbershops are made for men. They provide an atmosphere where guys can relax, hang out, tell jokes, share stories, discuss sports, and generally just be men. Some are newly built with modern designs while others feel vintage and old-school.

Barber Shop

No matter what, the barbershop experience is unique, masculine and fun. Maybe it all just comes down to the tradition of going to a barbershop, but you can’t help but feel slightly uplifted.

Traditional Barbershops Cost Less

In the barbershop vs salon comparison, it’s hard to imagine paying more for less. But that’s exactly what happens when you go to a salon. If you want a cheap men’s haircut near you, go to the closest barbershop. Unless you live in Beverly Hills, chances are your local shop will charge you less.

Traditional Barbershop

Salons and chains that end in “clips” or “cuts” cost more because they have to pay franchise fees. To make up the difference, they pay their employees less and charge their patrons more.

Ultimately, unless you live in a high cost-of-living area like San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, or Seattle, your men’s haircut should cost $15 to $20. Even if you end up paying the same price that you would at a salon, you can enjoy the peace of mind that you are getting a good cut.

Other Barbershop Services

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like a gentleman, then you’ll love the fact that many barbershops still offer traditional straight razor shaves with a hot towel and lathered up shaving cream. From the preshave oil and hot towel at the beginning to the cold towel and aftershave balm at the end, your face will never have felt so smooth and refreshed.

Wet Straight Razor Shave with Lathered Shaving Cream at Barbershop

We highly recommend every guy experience the pleasure of a great shave at least once. Other barbershop services may include a beard trim or fade and line up.

The Best Hair Products For Men

Barbershops carry the best hair products for men from the top brands. If you want a great pomade, wax, clay or cream for your hairstyle and hair type, you probably won’t have any options. Most salons only stock American Crew Styling Gel.

Good barbers can also help you decide which product to use and how to apply it. Their expertise in using the different products to style different looks can be invaluable in addressing your specific needs. Plus, why waste your time and money experimenting with a dozen styling products when an expert can simply tell you which products will work for you.

Get The Best Men's Hair Styling Products

How To Find The Best Barber Shops Near Me

While most people look online to find good places to get a haircut, we actually recommend first asking your friends where they go. If you have a few guy friends who always have nice haircuts, find out where their favorite barbershop is and which barber they ask for – most men have a favorite barber they request.

After you hear a few suggestions, then it may be time time to read online reviews for those local barbershops. If you do decide to check out one of these shops, go with your friend and get introduced to your new barber.

If you’re ready to get a great barbershop haircut and enjoy some of that swagger after a fresh cut, then visit a barber shop near you!